All you need to know about our programs!

What kind of adventures do you offer?

Our area of expertise are hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, camping and backpacking. If you want to try somethi ng different that what we specialize in, we'll help you plan it and connect you with outfitters that can help get you out there.

How often do you offer programs?

Authentic Adventures offers programs year round, except for major holidays.

What is Recreation Therapy?

So glad you asked! Recreation therapy uses leisure to help people dealing with physical, mental or emotional conditions to improve their overall health, their current skills and abilities and their emotional wellbeing.  Recreational therapists use a variety of activities to address these issues from sports to music. Authentic Adventures Cen Cal uses outdoor adventure as a means to improve overall health and well being.

How do I sign up for an event?

Click on the even you wish to sign up for and you'll be taken to our booking page where you'll be instructed to select dates, time and group size.

How large are the groups?

Our adventure groups max out at 12 people per group. It helps keep the group intimate and gives the guide a chance to get to know participants better and meet their needs.
We also provide one on one programs if groups are not your thing.

How old do I need to participate in an adventure?

This depends on the activity. Hiking activities can be done at any age if parents have the right equipment. Rock climbing and kayaking can be done as young as 3 with parent supervsion. To participate in an adventure, any participant 17 and under will require a guardian present for the activity.

How difficult are the hikes?

That depends on you! If you're doing a private hike with us you get to choose the hike difficulty based on your ability level. If hiking with a group; we'll conduct an assessment of each person in the group to help you find a hike that best suits everyone in the group.

Do I have to own my own equipment?

Not at all! We can provide equipment for you if you'd like. If you have your own, we welcome you to bring it along with you for your adventure.